Magician for hire

Are you about to book the hall or community centre ? Don’t .

Many customers who enquire if I’m available for a particular date or time are disappointed that I am already booked .

With only so many hours in a day I can’t be everywhere .

So before you book a venue ensure the entertainer you want is free for that date and time otherwise you may end up with somebody less experienced or even worse you may not get an entertainer at all.

Remember planning is critical and advanced planning is best.

When you hire me to perform at your party please remember popular dates like school holidays and bank holidays are usually booked 6-9 months in advance .

Weekends are the other popular time people try to hire a magician and find we are already booked , because weekends are the most popular times for children’s parties. 

So when you hire a magician please remember this : The entertainer you want (there is only one of me ).

The venue ( there are lots to pick )

Hope this helps when planning a party.

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