March 16, 2021

1 hr Magic Party

1 hr Magic Party Ideal for the house or garden

magician party specialist carzy colin
crazy Colin and Stanley at a perty . not your average 1 hr party

1 hr Magic Party ,Thank you for visiting this page . You will by now bewanting to book a 1hr magic party. If its for a birthday or other special event , you may be asking what do i get at a magic party ? well the answer is below.

At a magic party you will find Crazy Colin entertaining the children from the moment he arrives.

For instance while he sets up his sound system and magic props. Engaging with the children at this point is essential when having a magic party . Especially as the children get a chance to know Crazy Colin and just how silly he is.

A 1hr Magic party would not be a party without Magic! this is why Crazy Colin will pick magic tricks that are age appropreate to the children being entertained .

Crazy Colin has strong magic ,cheeky smile and an ever expanding level of energy . Your guests will laugh giggle with delight at the show.

So then its on to the Balloon modeling section of the magic party.

Each child will recieve a balloon model or two or more depending on the time left and therefor they have somthig to take home, and Therefor have a memory of a great magic Party.

To summarize you get a 1hr magic party show and balloons for all the children.

You may also concider our 2hr package if having your magic party in a larger venue . Details can be found here