January 4, 2016

2 hr party package

2 hr Party Package details
2 hr package

Magician Crazy Colin’s most popular 2 hr party package . Why i ask you?

This party package has it all from start to finish leaving you to just prep the food then enabling you to sit back join in and enjoy the special day.

Crazy colin the Magician will perform as part of his 2 hr party package his 45 min magic show with balloons , puppet and giveaways ensuring the birthday child or special guest is offered a part in the show and letting the help him with the magic trick. They also get to meet the puppet in person and have a chat with them.

The disco is in full swing in the second half of the show with party dances and games galore where the children and adults get to join in.

Crazy Colin has a bubble machine in his party package also and the children love to dance and jump around in the bubble.

He also has a cheeky little game or bit of fun with the children whilst the bubbles are on , much to the amusement of the adults  (something not to be missed).

Package contents

Magic show
Bubble machine

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