A good magician isn’t cheap

A good magician isn’t cheap
A cheap magician isn’t good.
a cheap magician isn't cheap

This is a phrase that is being used a lot these days by magicians to emphasize that what they offer is quality and not quantity.(good magicians do some but not all of the following :face painting , glitter tattoos and mascot hire and magic and disco and balloon modelling and candy floss and popcorn and bouncy castles and soft play and photography and the list goes on…)
This is my view on the matter and hope that when you book a magician that you will take into consideration what is mentioned and outlined here.

A Good Magician isn’t cheap.

Why is this you may ask.
Many magicians believe that the work they put into an act is worth a value determined by them.
let me explain .
A magician that is not cheap will be one that
1. researches the magic effect he uses to ensure it is suitable for his audience .
2. he will practice this effect until it is perfect.
3.he will then combine this effect with others to create a show.
4. he will draw upon his own experience to ensure that the magic he performs fits the above criteria and above all is entertaining.
then lets look at what it costs to be a magician

liability insurance .
car insurance .
cost of props .
cost of PA equipment .
cost of expendables (balloons , prizes, giveaways).
cost of travel to and from the show.
cost of time setting up.
cost of time at show.
cost of time packing away .
cost of practice time .
these are just a few costs directly connected with putting on a show.
I have not included such things as membership to professional organisations , advertising and marketing etc etc. the list if rather long and i don’t want to bore you.

A cheap magician isn’t good.

This is a bold statement to make in my opinion however “pay peanuts get monkeys” can also be just as bold.

It is not my intention to slag off any performer as we all started somewhere, however would you pay £10 less to a guy who has only been in the business 5 min’s?
We often find that the cheap magicians now charge just a little less that a full-time professional to make them self’s more credible.

A professional magician is a person that does this for a living and doesn’t work a Monday to Friday job and does magic on a weekend because his car insurance is due or is looking for extra money to pay for their holiday…
So how do you spot the difference?

Ask questions , not on social media , pick up the phone and chat to the guy . We can all hide behind a profile picture that’s 15 years out of date and get friends to write reviews about how great we are.

Talk to the person you want to book and ask yourself do they sound Professional ?
Did they try to up sell you their biggest package ( most expensive)
Did they offer you advice as to what will work best for you ?
(sometimes an hour is all you need if the children are very young)
Did they ask you questions?
Did they just give you the hard sell and offer a discount if you book now?

Here are just a few questions you need to ask.

Do you have a website ?
(all top magicians do ) those that don’t rely on just social media which is the cheap / free option.

Do the have publicity to send out?
Any professional will be happy to send out a brochure and business cards if needed to.

How any years have you been doing magic?
Experience counts.

Have you worked for anybody I may Know?
This is the ideal time for the magician to name drop places that they have worekd at and celebrities they have performed for.

Im sure you get the idea.

And remember there are many good female magicians out there and this article was not aimed at just the male magicians.
Well i hope you enjoyed this brief article and
if you would like any further information and a list of questions to ask
please get in touch.


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