What you need to look for

Below is an example of the type of ad you may want to see on garishly Facebook.

Have you ever seen such an ad or poster from Crazy Colin and ever wondered what its all about? For instance the colours used or the images .

If you have answered yes then Crazy Colin will try and explain below what the ad or poster is all about.

crazy colin magician
Crazy Colin Children’s Party Entertainer

Things to look for

At the bottom of this poster you will see 2 logo’s telling you about Crazy Colin. Firstly it shows that he is a member or Equity .

Equity will provide public liability insurance of £10000000 that’s ten million. The second logo shows that Crazy Colin has a full enhanced http://yesand.co.uk/123-encourage-innovation/ DBS check.

This is to reassure the customer.

Although this is not needed for private shows this may be required for work in Schools and Hospitals .

As a professional children’s entertainer ,Crazy Colin is always happy of course to bring along proof of the above and probably a risk assessment .

Now to look at the design is there a professional logo?

In this case yes there is can you spot it?

This is the logo or signature you will probably see on all correspondence including emails.

crazy colin childrens party package
Crazy Colin Children’s Entertainer

As you can see from this that the image has been professionally designed for Crazy Colin hence the high quality. A top class illustrator called Scott from a company called Look Creative. Scott certainly is the best in my opinion.

The logo is different to the one in the poster ,so did you notice?

In the poster it mentions a website and on the logo it has a contact number for the reasons below.

Some people prefer to see further information that can be found on a website. Some others prefer to call the number shown.

As a result its is hoped that all customers are happy to contact Crazy colin .