January 4, 2016

Crazy Colins Crazy Magic show

Crazy magic show


Crazy Colin’s Magic and Mayhem Full Laughter show..

Crazy Colin Performs an hilarious Magic and Balloon show with ton’s of screaming and shouting and audience participation. With funny clown like antic’s and one liners he is guaranteed to make the whole audience laugh with fits of giggles.

Using bright colored props and simple plot’s the Children can follow whats going on and never feel left out or board of the magic. At every opportunity Colin asks questions to ensure the children feel more involved.crazy colin

If its a Birthday party then the Birthday child is asked to perform the magic and is made to feel the star of the show receiving a special activity sheet and balloon from Crazy Colin.

During fun day’s and large events a magic show will always create a crown of children, mums and dads who all join in the fun..

When booking please be sure to book in plenty of time for your event.

Remember there is only one of him and a magician he his but even he cant be in two places at once.

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