January 8, 2016

closeup magic and hypnosis

Closeup magic and hypnosis combined makes for an unforgetable memory.



This is magic that can be performed at a table or in a situation where the magician strolls around a venue entertaining your guests.

Weddings are a popular place to see a closeup magician as are black tie events , anniversaries , special occasions and birthday parties.

Suited to the adult audience this form of entertainment if performed well is funny and mysterious and something your guests will be talking about for a long time.

When booking Colin you will be sure of several things.

  • he will be professional
  • polite
  • talented
  • on time
  • friendly
  • approachable


Now becoming more popular with TV shows like You’r back in the room and the power of one .

You too can now enjoy the fast pace roller coaster ride at your special event thanks to the skills of Colin the Hypnotist.

His unique show is designed with families in mind so you will not have to worry about rude sketches or routines.

Hypnosis really is a unique entertainment with people wanting to ask questions take part and also watch others. Imagine a show like this at you wedding or staff party.


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