February 1, 2019

Crazy Colin , Children’s Party Video

Crazy Colin video show reel

Crazy Colin Magic Promo

What can I expect from a Crazy Colin children’s party package?

The above video shows just how much fun has been had at a children’s party with Crazy Colin. In the entertainment industry Colin has had great success and a wealth of experience.

It should be noted that you can rely on getting the best value for money around.

Booking today will secure your date and obviously avoid disappointment.

You will not regret having booked with us.

And as a result you will have all your guests happy.

Talking about the amazing party they went to . (your party)

crazy colin party layout
party in a village hall

Party Games

Games can also be played .

Traditional games and new ones.

keeping all involved .

Here are a few games the children will participate in.

Pass the Bag (pass the parcel)

Musical animals

Tv Themes

Pie Face

Musical Corners

These are examples of just a few.

Dance Routines

A number of Dance Routines to popular songs are performed Therefore keeping every one involved.

Children love to dance to ther favorite group including Little Mix , Lil Nas and Carly Rae Jepsen. Therefore interacting playing and having fun.

These routines are updated and some are kept as the grown ups enjoy them too, perpetually children and adults are entertained .

Magic show

The Magic show performed is age appropreate .

This means the age group attending the party will understand and therefore follow the story or routine . All are entertained Especially the children.

Children will be involved at all times , meaning no one if left out.

Comedy plays a huge part in the Magic show. Hence ensuring laughter and giggles.

Contact Colin about his Party Packages for more details.

Due to his popularity it is suggested you call asap.

on 07806699812

Here are some commens from past shows.

The boys had fun when they played.

The children laughed so much.

I had more fun than the children.