January 4, 2016

Download free items thanks to Crazy Colin.

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download free stuff from Crazy Colin.

Because you asked about downloads we have listed a few here.

to Download please click on the item you wish to download and remember to check back for new and exciting free downloads.

We have just added our latest file : Elf on the Shelf

Grab it now because your worth it ..

coloring in sheet

DBS Guide ( essential information)

Logo (for your publicity material)

Party Tips ( handy to have and always used )

Risk Assessment (as a result from corporate customers.)

Birthday Party Checklist ( this maybe the most popular)

Party Invitation jpg

Party invitation pdf

Elf On The Shelf


If you think something is missing from this page we are happy to listen to what you have to say and who knows if you idea is a winner we will give you full credit.

Due to the limited access to a pc some may experience in downloading.

Not all is lost if you have a problem i will send you the file you request via email. As a result you will still be able to receive the file you wish.

So don’t dilly dally send us an email with your suggestions.