Mums Name Children

Mum’s reveal probably the most bonkers children’s names they claim to have come across at nursery, including Nike, Magic and Chlamydia

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WHEN naming a baby, many parents chose names that are inspired by family or are sentimental  however  others find their inspiration elsewhere – including in trainers or an STI.

Parents from around the world took to Netmums to share some of the weird and wonderful baby names. They claim to have come across these while dropping their own children at nursery.

Names inspired by fashion brands like Nike, Adidas, Armani and Versace are some of the most common alternative names parents have heard.

While other women said they’d met children named after luxury car brands Porsche and Mercedes, with one even named after the 1960’s fictional race car, Herbie the Love Bug.

Parents laughed as they openly discussed the food and drink-inspired names including Lettice, Orange, Champagne and Budweiser.

And some mums listed celebrity-related names they’d heard shouted at the park such as Hendrix, Monroe, Willoughby, and Cash .

Although one of the most bizarre choices was one child named after an STI – with a mum revealing she recently heard a woman shout after her child Chlamydia.

Hyphenated names were also common, from Essence-Star to Aquamarine-Melody, Christopher-Robin and Django-Wolf.

While others took inspiration from school textbooks, using names like that of the Greek mathematician Ptolemy, Atom, Atlas and even the number Seven.

One woman said she knew a brother and sister duo named Precious and Magic, and another twin boys called after Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie.

What were some of the unusual names?

  • Essence-Star
  • Armani
  • Lettice
  • Chlamydia
  • Champagne
  • Magic
  • Nike
  • Sixteen
  • Diesel
  • Orange
  • Mercedes
  • Aquamarine-Melody
  • Atom
  • Christopher-Robin
  • Herbie
  • Django-Wolf
  • Tequila
  • Seven

“I taught a lovely little girl called Bliss,” one mum wrote. “She was so sweet but not sure how that’s going to work as an adult. For the boys, the strangest name I have come across is Pharo.”

Another said: “I used to work in a nursery with lots of different nationalities, there were names like Turky, Balthazar, Azlan, Blue and Sixteen (pronounced Sistine like the chapel).”

“I went to school with three girls named Bicardi, Tequila and Martina,” said a third. “They would brag that were named after what their mum was drinking when they were conceived. Classy girls…”

While there was nothing as bizarre as those listed, the most popular baby names from 2018 revealed some surprising new entrants.

Oliver, Olivia, Charlotte and William all took top spots on the list – with other classic names including Emma, Isabella and Amelia finally making a come back.

Harper, Riley and Aria made a new appearance in the top 25 girls names, and for boys, Grayson, Caden and Jayden climbed the list.