Mr Tumble says it all in BBC error

Mr Tumble today is in the news for rude signing.

mr tumble bbc


Mr tumble in BBC Boob..

The CBeebies character says the gestures mean “I’m happy to see you”.

But angry parents have accused the BBC of jumbling up their signals.


Read the full Mr Tumble story here :Link

Can this be true ?? It is a story from the Sun newspaper and it seems Mr Tubmble’s story has not as yet been reported anywhere else.

Here is another story I found from sky news :Link 

So can the BBC get this wrong? it seem to me a standard sign language should be adopted by all, but what do I know .

A common misconception is that all sign languages are the same worldwide or that sign language is international. Aside from the pidgin International Sign, each country generally has its own, native sign language, and some have more than one, though sign languages may share similarities to each other, whether in the same country or another one.

It is not clear how many sign languages there are. The 2013 edition of Ethnologue lists 137 sign languages.

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