smog Our new arrival to crazy colin’s show.

Smog joins the Crazy Colin Magic Show.

Smog is the latest new arrival has been having a fantastic time at Adventure Valley meeting the team and the customers.

This Dragon is named because he is from Middlesbrough joined the Crazy Colin Magic Show and meet and greet sections over the Easter holidays.

This friendly dragon is the latest new arrival after Wonder Kid who became a regular part of the show since last September.

wonder kid puppet

wonder kid puppet

New Dragon puppet smog is friendly and charming and loves cuddles and hugs from every body .

He also enjoys a tickle under the chin, but be careful as he can sometimes fall asleep.

picture taken from here

You can ask to see him at parties if you request when booking.

He will happily come along and spread some joy with your guests.

want a puppet like him also? then here is a link .