Smog the Friendly Dragon


Smog is the latest addition to Crazy Colin’s puppet show.

Crazy Colin would like to introduce to you a new friend he has made just recently.

Smog is a friendly and somewhat posh Dragon from the Middlesbrough Area.

He loves to eat and chew (children) and is unable to fly due to a rare illness.

Born or should that say hatched at an early age he found he had no parents so was adopted by Colin and now lives and performs locally in the Durham area.

Smog will be making his first public appearance at  Vári Adventure Valley this Easter with some other friends he has made ( all winged animals).

smog dragon
smog having some crisps as a treat from Mitch.

Together with Wonder Kid and the Rabbit with no name we are sure that Smog will be happy and live a long life with his new friends.

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