January 13, 2020

School Bubble Shows

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School Shows

Delight in the fun and unexpected behavior of bubbles! Explore colorful bubbles, wobbly bubbles, clouds in bubbles! Discover why bubbles are lazy but strong, and how much puff it takes to stop them falling from the sky.

Soap bubbles and learning are a winning combination .
The Bubble Show is a great way for students to get excited about learning and to see the world around them in a new and different way.
The Bubble show includes a focus on science, physics, creativity, listening and being a good audience member.

As a finale for school shows, several adult staff are invited to be inside the giant soap bubble.

bubble school

Other schools feature The Bubble Show as a single school wide assembly. Some schools present The Incredible Bubble Show in multiple small classroom settings.

The Bubble Show can be presented in a variety of formats. Some schools start with a large scale assembly and follow it with smaller classroom activities.

Still other schools have presented The Bubble Show indoors then had their students practice their new bubble making skills at an outdoor Incredible Bubble Zone.

The Bubble Show is a great choice to enhance learning at private and public school locations.

  • Allow for questions to share interests and explore ideas
  • Treat every child as unique, supporting personal development
  • Promote observation, prediction and exploration
  • Encourage imagination, creative and critical thinking

Whats the cost ?

This may seem unbelievable however its true.

the cost of a 30 -40 min package starts at just an incredible £40.

That’s right just £40 and you can add to the package if you wish.

You could add workshops and outdoor play for the children . This could be a term time treat or you could tie it in with your curriculum activities.

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