January 4, 2016

disco for the ultimate party experience


A disco is a great way to bring together the adults and children at any party.

Crazy Colin’s disco aims to get the adults joining in when ever possible and enjoy the fun experience with their child or children.disco

Disco Songs

All the songs are carefully chosen by Colin so no explicit songs will ever be included . The song are upbeat  and may contain nuts .. sorry I meant actions.

Disco Game’s

All the games played are what’s called non elimination games . The reason is simple you don’t want 1 child out while the other 29 are still having fun. These games have become a specialty of Colin’s together with the party dancing and classics such as the music man.

The sound system

Crazy Colin’s sound system is not the largest in the world or the loudest however it does just fine in most venues. The system he uses is The ultra compact MAUI 5 .


The Bubble machine Colin uses is simply great . Many years ago Colin was the first dj in the UK to use a bubble machine after importing it from America. Now many dj’s and entertainers use them with great effect.

Colin uses Ultraviolet bubble fluid with some spectacular effect however you must remember the room / venue should be made as dark as possible.

Lighting is important and again Colin uses these also. Currently Colin has 3 Lights including a small laser light to help fill the venue with flashing and moving light.