February 7, 2016

Videos : a small secection

Videos: a selection of videos from parties I have performed at .

Ashikaga Please pop back for more videos from time to time as more will be added when they become available.

São Luiz Gonzaga If a picture paints 1000 words then what can these do?

Crazy Colin Videos
link to video’s
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Koutiala Only some of my shows are shown here and therefor there is a lot more to see. I am not fond of seeing myself however i feel it is important for others like yourself to see the capabilities of an entertainer. I feel that a video or videos is the best way .

buy stromectol in uk If you have any performance photographs or Videos of myself and you don’t mind sharing, then please get in touch.


Or email me using the contact page within this site.

You will also find other video on my facebook page. Please look at them recommendations people do post video and photos along with their reviews and comments..

others can bee found here:

Crazy Colin Videos
link to video’s
Crazy Colin Videos
link to video’s

Would you like to see something in particular ?

would you want to have your party professionally videoed ?

Again get in touch for information